Sunwest Water and Electric Company, Inc.

Sunwest Care Foundation

The Sunwest Care Foundation (SCF) seeks to provide programs and services to communities wherein the business development of Sunwest affiliates are presently located. Through the SCF, significant development programs have been delivered to the following communities:

Strategic Planning of the CSR family

Strategic Planning was held on January 15-16, 2009 at the Tektone Training Center. It was attended by CSR staff from the following Foundations: Sunwest Care Foundation, Cagraray Environmental Protection and Development Foundation, Delfin A. Co Foundation, Tektone Foundation and Eco Trail Society Foundation.
Among the outputs of this planning were the SCFI's Vision, Mission, Objectives, Programs/Projects was thoroughly explained through the Log Frames, Program Areas as well as its Program Participants. Budgetary requirements was also prepared based from the 2009 Program target deliverables.

Community Organizing and Partnership Development

Part of community integration is the exploratory visits and consultation meetings with community leaders have been the primary activities in establishing partnership among key persons in respective communities. An orientation was conducted which were able to share with them the Corporate Social Responsibility's programs, plans, services as well as accomplishments.
Consultation Meeting held on February 18, 2009 at Chic-In Function Hall with Barangay Officials and Key Leaders of Barangays Lamba and Puro. Ms. Anelyn Sumañga, Managing Director, together with Ms. Gemina Quiros, Social Responsibility Director, facilitates the meeting assisted by Ms. Audrey Bañaga.

Community Integration

Basic activities undertaken in community integration are Community Assessment and Participatory Rapid Appraisal Workshop. The Barangay Council and other community leaders are a big help to the CSR in identifying prospective target participants.

Program Orientation

Before the start of any intervention, an orientation about the programs and services of SCFI was conducted to target participants. It is strongly emphasized that the foundation is a partner institution in any community development together with the barangay council and other stakeholders in the community.

2 Days Community Assessment and Planning

The objective of this activity is to equip the barangay leaders with the knowledge and skills regarding appraisal of the community in a participative way, to have a guiding framework for program implementation and to look for priority needs of the areas.

Home Visitation

Home Visits to families of identified malnourished children to gather their family profile and individual health data.

Meeting with the Mothers

The meeting was participated by mothers with malnourished children. They were given a brief orientation of the feeding program, criteria of selection of beneficiaries, formation of committees, and identification of the responsibilities of the mother of the beneficiary child.

Livelihood Program

3 Days Livelihood Training on Twine Making and Bleaching

The twine making and bleaching livelihood training was conducted last February 12-14, 2010 in Barangay Solong, San Miguel, Catanduanes at their Barangay Day Care Center. Another training was conducted on February 16-18, 2010 in Barangay Obi, Caramoran, Catanduanes.

This training was conducted to provide the necessary knowledge and skills in Twine making as a source of livelihood for mothers of malnourished children and other "nanays" in Barangays Obi and Solong.

Five (5) twining devices for Solong and four (4) twining devices was endorsed to their respective Barangay Councils. The remaining abaca was distributed to the groups of Solong and Obi women so that they could have materials to practice in Twine making.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Charity Event

Suweco visited the Child Haus in Quezon City on December 9, 2011 to bring the resident children some cheer.

Suweco President, Mr. Natividad, chose to celebrate his birthday at the Child Haus for a worthy cause. .

Child Haus residents welcomed their Suweco guests with a heartfelt presentation and thanks.